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Viewing the list of completed surveys (Questionnaires) in VETsurvey

VETsurvey keeps a record of all completed surveys, called Questionnaires, which are accessible through the Administration interface.

The Questionnaires screen is the main screen of VETsurvey Administration. This is the page shown after a successful login.

The completed surveys are displayed in a list format that can be sorted or filtered. Additionally, the listed questionnaires can be viewed in their entirety. 



The questionnaire list can be sorted using the column headings:

  • Left-click the column heading to sort by that field.
  • Click the same column heading to alternate between ascending and descending order.



The questionnaire list can be filtered to show only specific records, as follows:

  1. Date Range - Set a date range by clicking the From field to display the calendar
    • Navigate throught he displayed months using the < and > icons, or alternatively by selecting the month from the drop-down menu provided.
    • Left-click a date to select it.
  2. Survey Type - Selecting a survey type from the drop-down menu will limit results to questionnaires of that type.
  3. Click the Refresh View button to apply the set filters.

To remove filters:

  • Clear the From and To fields by clicking each field in turn and deleting the contents using Delete or Backspace on your keyboard.
  • Select All survey types from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Refresh View button.


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