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Survey creation overview

Surveys are divided into small components to simplify their management. Each of the components are linked to form a whole.

It is worth considering the structure of a survey before starting the creation process. Give particular thought to obtaining meaningful results from reporting when deciding on how questions will be grouped into sections and how participants will answer. It may be necessary to adjust your initial thinking to achieve your goals. Additionally, if a survey is being created to replace a paper-based form consider if the method of answering can be replicated and also if a different answering method would be more practical.

To create a fully functional survey, the following steps are required:

  1. Create a new survey.
    This is the container that connects the other components together.
  2. Specify parameters, if any.
    These are in addition to the built-in parameters.
  3. Create sections (for grouping questions).
    This structures the survey for manageability and improves the appearance for participants.
  4. Create questions in each section.
  5. Test the survey.


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