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How to Set Up Users for the Student Portal

Each student will need their own username and password to access the system, which are stored against each Client in VETtrak.

The quickest way to get these details to your students is via a template email out of VETtrak.

To make this happen, you can set up an email merge template from the Configuration Manager (Manage menu -> Configuration) by right-clicking the Email templates option, under Merge templates, and selecting New merge template.

In the window that comes up, you can set up an email, similar to the example below.  You will need to change the portal address to reflect the address above if you plan on using it in your email.

With a template created, you can then send email to single clients, groups, occurrences or classes from within VETtrak, under various right-click menus.

For example, you can email directly to a client by right clicking on the Personal heading in the Client Manager and choosing Email client.  You will be prompted to decide if you would like to compose an email manually, or from a template:

Selecting the Compose from an email template option here allows you to choose the template that you'd like to use for your email.

Pressing Next gives you the option to preview the email, which will fill in the {Given}, {Username}, and {Password} fields with actual details from the VETtrak database:

If your students would like their user name changed, they will need to contact you to update it in VETtrak. See Account Recovery overview for further information.


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