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Creating a Submission

New Submissions can be created by clicking the New Submission button from the Submissions Register, or through the menu:

  • Highlight Submissions on the menu
  • Click New Submission.

A new screen titled Create Package Submission will display:

To begin with you must provide the basic details of the submission:

  • Enter the participant’s First name.
  • Enter the participant’s Surname.
  • Choose the Package Type from the drop-down menu.

This will display fields for more information based on the chosen Package Type.

  • Complete the additional fields, as required.

  • Attach the required document by clicking the 'Browse…' button and choosing the appropriate file on your computer.
  • If the submission requires another file:
    • Click the add more files link
    • Click the second Browse… button displayed and choose the other file.
  • Click the Submit button.


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