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Troubleshooting: I get a 500 error or a blank screen when trying to go the App API status page

Some things to try:

  • If using Internet Explorer to view the page, turn friendly HTTP errors off (in Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> untick "Show friendly HTTP error messages" in the Browsing section).
  • In the website in IIS 7+, go to "Error Pages" in the IIS section, right-click the "500" entry, go to "Edit Feature Settings", select "Detailed errors" and OK. If "Error Pages" does not show in IIS, install the "HTTP Errors" IIS component.
  • Someone was able to fix this problem by installing all .NET Framework updates from Windows Update and restarting the server.
  • Check the Event Log -> Application section to see if there are any errors from IIS.
  • Check out the first answer here: - it could be that "runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests" is not included in the system.webserver -> modules header thing.


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