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Searching News Articles in VETnet

To access the search tool:

  • Highlight the Tools menu item.
  • Select Search.

This will display the Search tool:

NOTE: The search tool is for both news articles and documents. It does not search register records.

  • Enter the Search Keyword. This may be some of the letters making up the word, a single word or a number of words.
  • Set the Search for option:
    • All words is the default. To match a result, each keyword entered must appear in the title or content of the document or article.
    • Any words matches a result if at least one of the words entered appears in the content or title of the document or article.
    • Exact Phrase matches a result only if the words appear in the content or title of the document or article exactly as entered into the search field.
    Select an option from the Ordering drop-down menu.
    • Newest First will display results in order of the most recently created first.
    • Oldest First will display results in order of the
    • Most Popular will display results in order of number of views by users.
    • Alphabetical will display results in alphabetical order.
    • Category will display results by category in alphabetical order.
    In all ordering options documents are displayed before articles.
  • Set Search Only if required:
    • DOCman will limit results to documents.
    • Articles will limit results to news articles.
  • Click the Search button.

The search results will be displayed on the same screen beneath the search feature.


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