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Visa Types

Different visa types can be set up in VETtrak if you choose, or are required, to record students' visa details. By default, VETtrak includes the basic Study Visas, but you can add any other types if you require. These visa types can be recorded in the Client Personal Details wizard, but are not reported in your AVETMISS generations.

Visa type name* - This is your own name for the visa type. Logically, you should confirm the details of the visa with the appropriate body:

Code - This is your own code to differentiate between visa types. Again, for absolute clarity, the government assign their own unique code, which it would make sense to use:

Do not make this visa type available for use: Ticking this box will ‘archive’ the visa type, meaning it can no longer be selected. This will not affect clients who already have this visa type recorded.

Description - Area where you can add your own notes for this visa type.

*             Indicates a mandatory field.

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