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Automatically Transferring Web Enrolments from VETtrak to FinPa

If you are using web enrolments, you can set up an occurrence so that any enrolments into it from the web are automatically transferred straight through to FinPa. To do this, right-click on the Enrolments node for the occurrence, and select Setup auto web transfer to FinPa LMS.

This wizard is the same as the Transfer Enrolment to FinPa Wizard, except that it has a tickbox to indicate that new web enrolments in the occurrence should be sent automatically to FinPa.


  • This only controls what happens to future enrolments in the occurrence. It does not have any effect on existing enrolments. Any clients already enrolled in the occurrence will have to be transferred to FinPa manually.
  • The settings made in this wizard are also used as the defaults when manually transferring enrolments in the occurrence to FinPa.
  • This functionality requires version or later of the VETtrak API.


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