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Transferring Results from FinPa to VETtrak

Once students undertake their training and are assessed in FinPa, their results can be transferred to VETtrak by going to Utility > Transfer Results from FinPa LMS.

  1. Select the FinPa brand you want to retrieve results from. (If you only have one instance of FinPa, this should already be selected.)
  2. The Results from date is set to one minute after the last batch of results was successfully downloaded. This cannot be changed. NOTE: If this is the first time you have done a transfer, this date will default to one month ago, and can be changed. You should set this to the earliest date that you want to transfer results from.
  3. The Results to date is set to the end of yesterday, but can be changed. Normally results would be downloaded no more than once per day.
  4. Click Download.
  5. (below) The grid fills with all the results recorded in FinPa in the specified date/time range.

  1. This column is colour-coded according to the status of each result:
    • Green indicates that the result can be processed into VETtrak.
    • White Indicates that the result has already been processed.
    • Red indicates an error, for example if a client or enrolment cannot be matched with one in VETtrak. Results with errors cannot be processed.
    • Yellow indicates a warning. The result type or date(s) will need  to be corrected before yellow rows can be processed.
    Click on a coloured box for more information about the error or warning.
  2. Each time you perform a results download, they are stored as a 'batch', and are not immediately recorded against clients' enrolments in VETtrak. You can click on the dropdown here to view a list of (and select from ) batches that have not yet been processed.
  3. Click this button to view the result and dates currently recorded in VETtrak for the unit. This is only available for rows with a green or yellow status.
  4. The result type and dates shown here are determined by the settings in the FinPa LMS Brand Configuration Wizard, but can be changed if necessary before pushing the result through to VETtrak.
  5. If you only want to process some of the results, you can click the Add button to process individual rows.
  6. The Excel button allows you to export the contents of the grid to a spreadsheet file for your records. This can be particularly useful if you have a number of errors and need to work through them to resolve the problems.
  7. Click the Process all button to process the results for all records that don't have an error.
  8. You can click this button to close off a batch without processing all the results in it. You might do this if, for example, the batch contains errors because not all clients in FinPa need to be processed in VETtrak and this batch includes some of those clients who aren't in VETtrak. Batches will be automatically closed off when all results in the batch have been processed.
  9. (below) If you need to reopen or view a batch that you have closed off, tick the Show closed box.

  1. When Show closed is ticked, all batches, including closed ones will be available for selection in the dropdown.
  2. Once a closed batch is selected, this button changes to Re-open batch. When you re-open a batch, any results not yet processed will be available for processing again.


  • A row will be marked red (error) in the following circumstances:
    • The FinPa participant key cannot be matched to a client in VETtrak, or there is more than one client in VETtrak with that participant key.
    • The FinPa course key cannot be mapped to a unit or qualification in VETtrak, or there is more than one unit / qualification in VETtrak with that course key.
    • The client does not have an active enrolment in the specified unit.
    • All active enrolments the client has in that unit already have a completed-type result.
    • All active enrolments the client has containing that unit have an end date before the start date of the result.
    • The result sent through from FinPa is something other than "Not yet successful" or "Successful".
  • A row will be marked yellow (warning) in the following circumstances:
    • The result type, start date or finish date are empty.
    • The start or finish date is invalid (before 1900 or after 2100).
    • The start date is after the enrolment's finish date.
    • The finish date is before the enrolment's start date.


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