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Using the Registers in VETnet

Registers maintain records and facilitates the management of those records. All registers have similar look and feel when viewing/managing a register.

The above example screenshot depicts the typical layout when viewing a register. The indicated elements are similar for all registers and are explained below:

  • Filtering Records
    The list of records can be filtered based on Status, by choosing the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. Entering a word into the Search field and then clicking Search will further filter the list to matching records. The Display # drop down will limit the records list to the set number of records.
  • Record Sorting
    The records are typically sorted based on ID. The  icon in the column heading indicates the column is sorted in ascending order and clicking the  icon will swap the order to descending. Click a different column heading to sort by that column instead.
    Ticket information can be viewed by clicking the ID for the record.
  • New… Button
    The button will be named according to the register type and opens the screen for creating a new record for the register.
  • Print Report Button
    Click this button to specify a date range and generate a report.

Each register will provide a summary of the contents of the records it contains. The records listed in the register can be clicked to view the complete record and perform further functions related to the individual record.


Record Management

While the data collected into a record varies according to the register, all records have some common features useful for managing an individual record. The shared features are:

  • View ... List button
    This button returns to the register screen.
  • Edit ... Details button
    This button allows the original details of the record to be modified. It is usually only available to the record creator.
  • Print Details Button
    Opens a print preview of the record. Pressing Ctrl-p on the keyboard will open the print dialog.
  • Discussion section
    This feature allows comments and attachments to be added to the record
  • Change Status drop-down menu
    Allows the status of the record to be set. This is a feature for users with management privileges only.


Using Discussion

The Discussion section is used to add comments and updated resources to a record. Feedback should be provided to ensure all progress is documented.

  • Click the Click Here to Add a Comment or an Attachment link.

This will expand the Discussion section:

  • Type the new information into the text box provided.
  • Use the Browse… button to attach a file if required.
  • Click the Submit Comment and Attachment button.

This will update the Discussion section to show the newly added comment and attachment(s).


Changing the Status

The option to change the status of a record is provided only where the user has the required permissions. If available:

  • Use the Change Status drop-down menu to select a new status. The default options are:
    • Open: No usage recommendations.
    • Requires Feedback: Recommended for indicating changes are required.
    • Pending: Applied automatically to new records.
    • Closed: Recommended for indicating further changes are unnecessary; the issue is addressed, or the resource is approved.

The Status will be changed immediately.


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