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Using the Submisison System for VETnet

VETnet supports the submission of various packages which include both mandatory and optional information to assist with processing and accurately recording activity within your Student Management System (ie. VETtrak).

Records of submissions are stored in the Submission Register where those records are listed with basic information. The individual records can be opened to provide full details and allow the submission to be managed.


Viewing the Submissions Register

To open the Submission Register:

  • Highlight Submissions on the menu.
  • Click Manage Submissions.

The screen titled Submissions Register will display:

Depending on your role, you may see all available submission records or only those you have submitted.

  • Use the drop down menu to select from 'Open', 'Closed', 'Queried' or 'All' submission records.
  • For long lists, use the Search feature to locate the required submission:
    • Enter the search text in the field to the left of the Search button.
    • Click the Search button.
  • Click the ID, or any of the highlighted text for the submission, to display the Submission Record screen. Here you can view queries raised for the submission, view the existing attached documentation and use the Browse… button in the Attachment section to add updated documentation.
  • Use the Display # drop-down to set the number of submissions shown on a page. If this results in multiple pages, navigation links will be shown. Links that are currently unavailable will be greyed out.
    • The Start' link opens the first page.
    • The Prev link opens the previous page
    • Each of the numbers are links to open the page corresponding to that number.
    • The Next link opens the next page.
    • The End link opens the last page.


Managing a Submission

The Manage Submission Package screen can be accessed via the Submissions Register or links provided in an email notification. It displays the full details of a submission:

The following can be completed from this screen:

  • Open/Return to the Submission Register;
  • Print submission information;
  • Change the consultant who created the submission;
  • Query the submission;
  • Download and mark attachments as processed;
  • Add comments and attachments to include information overlooked during submission creation or to address queries; and
  • Close the submission.

NOTE: The availability of features depends on the user’s role. For example Training Consultants do not have access to 'Mark as processed' buttons.


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