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Cancellation reasons

Cancellation reasons can be used to classify why students have discontinued their training, and can be useful for in-house reporting, and following up with the student.

Cancellation reasons can be assigned to Contracts and Enrolments, but are not reported to the government. VETtrak comes preloaded with some common cancellation reasons, however these can be modified, or added to as needed. 

Reason* - This is your own descriptive name as to why the student's enrolment has been cancelled.

Code - This is your own code for the cancellation reason. This code can be a quick reference to differentiate between the cancellation reasons and is especially useful for filtering in custom reports.

This cancellation reason is inactive - Ensures that this cancellation reason can no longer be used. Archiving the cancellation reasons will not remove it from any clients who have already been assigned this cancellation reason.

Description - Area where you can add your own notes describing under what circumstances this cancellation reason should be used.

*             Indicates a mandatory field.

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