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Contact Record Types

This content represents an older version of the VETtrak Software. Some content may not match directly to a newer version.

For the new method of creating File Notes, please see our article here


VETtrak allows you to keep a contact log of any communication you've had with the student. When recording each contact, contact record types can be used to track the method of contact.

Contact type* - This is your own name for the method of contact. You might also add information as to whether the contact was successful, if you are also planning to record attempted contacts.

Code - This is your own code for the contact type. This code can be a quick reference to differentiate between the types of contact, and is especially useful for reporting.

Do not make this contact type available for use - Ensures that this contact type can no longer be assigned. Archiving the contact type will not remove it from any existing contact records.

Description - Area where you can add your own notes describing when the contact type should be used. You might also add information about what additional details should be recorded for the contact.

*             Indicates a mandatory field.

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