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Inital Setup of VETenrol

VETenrol's Settings must be completed to ensure the correct working of the system with VETtrak. Follow these steps to complete the requirements for Settings:

  1. Highlight 'Settings' on the Navigation menu to display the sub-menu.
  2. Click the 'General Settings' menu item.


  • Complete the Client section.
    • Your Client ID is for reference only and cannot be changed.
    • Most of these details will be displayed to user during registration (generally in the footer area, but also at Confirmation). Contact Name is NOT displayed and is a legacy field no longer in use.
    • Some information may already be pre-filled.
  • Set the 'Registrations View-Only Password'
    • This password should be distributed to staff members dealing with registrations, enquiries, etc. but do not need access to the configuration.
  • 'Enrolment API Details' should be pre-filled, however if the username or password of the API User is changed in VETtrak it will also need to be updated here.
  • Click Save.


Go to Settings > Payment Settings:


  • Choose your Payment Preferences.
    • These are global preferences and apply to all registration types.
  • Choose the applicable settings for Individual Registration Payment Preferences.
  • Choose the applicable settings for Group Registration Payment Preferences.
  • Click Save.

NOTE: If Show Costs (Site Settings) is enabled, and you've added pricing to your occurrences in VETtrak, at least one Payment Preference must be enabled for customers to complete their registration.



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