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Organising Lengthy Offerings with Enrolment Linking

Create Administrative Occurrences and Session Occurrences to break down lengthy offerings into more manageable units.


Sometimes, when delivering a lengthy offering, such as an entire qualification, it can become too unwieldy to attempt to manage that offering with all its classes under a single occurrence.  A convenient way to get around this problem is to have two different levels of occurrence as follows:

Administrative Occurrence - This is the occurrence for the entire qualification, and spans the period that it will take to deliver the entire qualification. These are shown in this article with the relevant fields outlined in red.

Session Occurrences - Smaller occurrences created for each unit or group of units to be delivered together. These are shown in this document with the relevant fields outlined in blue.

Step 1 - Create the Programmes

Step 1A

Create a programme for the whole qualification.

Step 1B

Create a programme for each 'session' - a unit or  group of units that will be delivered together. Give this programme a name that reflects the unit(s) being delivered, but to avoid confusion, do not make it identical to the unit name.

Step 2 - Create the Occurrences

Step 2A - Administrative Occurrence

Create the Administrative Occurrence. This should have all the units in the qualification attached to it. Any financial information relating to the qualification should be in this occurrence.

Step 2B - Session Occurrences

Create the Session Occurrences.  These should contain only the unit(s) being delivered in that session, and span only the dates required to deliver those unit(s).

Occurrence Summary

You should now have in the Programme Manager one long occurrence for the entire qualification (outlined in red below), and a number of shorter occurrences for each unit or group of units (outlined in blue below).

Step 3 - Enrol Clients

  1. Enrol all your clients into the Administrative Occurrence.  It is under this enrolment that you will record any payment that needs to be made for the qualification.
  2. Enrol the same clients into each Session Occurrence. On the last page of the wizard, tick the box to link the two enrolments.


  • You can view linked enrolments in the Client Manager. Expand the Administrative Occurrence enrolment, and expand the Linked occurrence enrolments node. The Session Occurrence enrolments should be listed there:

  • If you forget to link the enrolments when you enrol the client, you can link them in the Client Manager by right-clicking on the Linked occurrence enrolments node under the Administrative Occurrence enrolment, and clicking on Link enrolment.

Select the appropriate Session Occurrence enrolment to link it.

  • If you have linked an enrolment in error, you can unlink it by right-clicking on it under the Linked occurrence enrolments node in the Client Manager, and selecting Remove linked enrolment.

Step 4 - Record Attendance and Results

  1. Record the attendance and results in the individual Session Occurrences only.  Do not record this information in the Administrative Occurrence.

  2. The results recorded in the Session Occurrences will be automatically added to the clients' results in the Administrative Occurrence.


The screenshots below summarise what is contained in each type of occurrence.

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