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Understanding Registration Details

The Registration Details page displays the complete record for a single registration. All the data the individual participant has entered during the registration process is displayed on this page.

The Registration Details page may include additional sections depending on which registration settings were enabled at the time of registration. The following sections will be included at a minimum:

  • Registration Details
  • Client Details
  • Residential and Postal Addresses
  • Contact Details
  • Payment Details
  • Registration Status
  • Special Needs
  • Terms Agreed To
  • Office Use Only Notes

The Registration Details screen primarily acts as a record of information, however there are some important features allowing user interaction:


  1. A Registration ID could be supplied by a student enquiring about their registration, or requested if you contact VETtrak Support about a specific registration.
  2. The Mail Log, print and back links
    Use these links to open the mail log, print the current registration details, and navigate back to the Registrations page.
  3. The Change Occurrence link  — to choose a different programme/occurrence combination.
  4. The Web Enrol ID link — to check for the matching enrolment in VETtrak for manually processed web enrolments. Web Enrol ID will not be a link if an Enrolment ID has already been retrieved for the registration.
  5. The Update Changes button — for saving changes after editing client details.
  6. Apply a Status to the registration with the drop-down box provided. Choosing 'Approved' will apply the current date and close the registration on the Registrations page.
  7. Registration buttons:
    • The Send payment details to VETtrak button — updates VETtrak with the customer’s payment information (providing the Web Enrolment has not yet been processed).
      • The button will be disabled once the details have been sent or if these details are being sent automatically.
    • The Re- buttons may be needed in various circumstances outside normal operation.
      • Re-create Web Enrolment will resubmit the registration information to VETtrak creating a new Web Enrolment. This is suitable for enrolments that have failed to send due to technical issues or that have been mistakenly cancelled from the Web Enrolments screen.
      • Re-send Participant Notification will re-create and send the automated email that was originally sent to the student when the registration was completed. This can be used in cases where students have inadvertently deleted their original email.
      • Re-send RTO Notification will re-create and send the automated email that was originally sent to the RTO. This can be used in cases where the original email has been deleted.
    • The Cancel Registration button — for cancelling registrations.
    • The Push Uploads to VTDocs button — to re-upload copies of the registration details, and files provided during registration so they can be accessed in VETtrak. This button is only available when VTDocs is integrated with VETenrol.
  8. The PDF Forms section will download the selected form, prefilled with the student's answers (but not signatures), when the Download button is clicked.
  9. The Contact Diary maintains a basic history of activity for the registration. An entry may also be recorded manually using the Add Entry button.
  10. Supporting Documents allows related files obtained from external sources to be attached to the registration. Add a document using the Add File button. View comments and download existing files by clicking the filename link from the list.



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