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Confirmation Email

These settings provide control over the automated email sent to customers once they complete the registration process.


  • 'Subject Line'.
    The subject line for the email.

  • 'Message'.
    The message component of the email. Enter text or HTML here to override the 'System Default'.

  • 'EFT Notice'
    Text provided for displaying banking details if EFT was selected as the customer's payment method. This text is included in the message component as required. Enter text or HTML here to override the System Default as shown in the next field.

  • 'System Default'.
    The built-in default supplied for each of the email components. They correspond to the component above and are only used if that component remains blank. The defaults cannot be edited, but contents can be copied if required.

  • 'Include copy of registration details as attachment' checkbox.
    Toggle this option to include a PDF version of the complete registration details as an attachment to the notification email.

  • 'Exclude signature areas from attachment' checkbox.
    Toggle this option to remove or include the signature section in the attached registration details.

  • 'Do not send confirmation email' checkbox.
    Toggle this option to allow or prevent the sending of the confirmation email that normally goes out upon completion of the registration process.

  • The 'Preview' button.
    Use this to view the resulting message. Changes must be saved to display. System defaults will be used for Message or EFT Notice if they are left blank.


The system defaults produce the following:

Standard confirmation email

Confirmation body including 'EFT Section'.


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