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VETenrol Registered Employers

Employer is a step, or page, in the registration process where the user provides details regarding their employer. If the option Only allow registered employers is enabled, the user must choose their employer from a list of presets.

Registered Employers allows the management of the list of employers available for selection by users.

Each employer record must be manually entered or imported individually. The feature works best for those wanting to limit choices to a small selection of the Employer records available in VETtrak. 

The feature is accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrolAdmin_Icon-Config.png) via the link under Standard Settings.

Note: This feature is available in Client Admin via the Settings > Employers menu option.



The Registered Employers page has the following elements:

  • Heading and navigation
    • The New button opens the modal to add a new employer to the list.
  • Employer List — contains saved employers and allows them to be managed.
    • Click the Employer link (VETenrol Admin Icon Edit with a number) to modify that employer.
    • Permanently remove unwanted employers using the VETenrol Admin Icon Deletedelete link.


Registering a new employer

VETenrol Admin Registered Employers None

A new employer can be added by clicking either:

  • The New button, or
  • Create a new record link.
    Note: The new record link will only be present until an employer is added to the list.

This will open a modal:

VETenrol Admin Registered Employers New

  1. Select a VETtrak Employer:
    • Click the Fetch button.
    • Select the employer from the list.
    • Click the Populate button.
  2. The employer's contact information will be pre-filled from VETtrak.
    • Update if required.
  3. Click the Save button.

The record will be added to the Employer List.



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