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QLD: Tuition Fees

Queensland users are required to report the per unit rate for their tuition fees for all training funded under the Certificate III Guarantee, which is training with the following Funding Sources:

  • ENT - Standard funding source code for training delivered under Certificate III Guarantee.
  • ENJ - When the student contribution is paid by a Commonwealth government agency such as a Job Services Australia provider
  • ST3 - When training is delivered to participants under the Single and Teenage Parent Programme (STPP)

You need to set a number of things up in VETtrak first to ensure that these fees are reported correctly.

Check Your Fee Exemptions

The amount of your tuition fees is affected by whether the client is eligible for a concession rate or not. This is determined by whether the fee exemption selected in the Enrolment Wizard is one that is indicated as reducing the amount of their tuition fee.

In the Configuration Manager, check that the setting is correct for all the Fee Exemptions that you use in your enrolments.

Select from the dropdown to indicate whether people with that fee exemption will be charged the concession rate or not.

NOTE: If your organisation provides Fee Waivers, set up a Fee Exemption type with Fee Waiver selected as the calculation method.

Set Up Your Funding Models

Next you need to create some funding models, that you will be able to apply to your enrolments so the correct tuition fee is reported.  You can have several funding models for any particular qualification, and one is set as the default.

You can add your funding models in the Configuration Manager under the Funding models node.

  1. Enter a name that will be easy to recognise when selecting a funding model in the Enrolment Wizard.
  2. Optionally, give the funding model a code.
  3. Select the qualification that this funding model applies to. (Optional. If you select a qualification here, this funding model will only be able to be used for enrolments in that qualification. If you do not select a qualification, the funding model can be used for any enrolment.)
  4. Click the Item button to add a new pricing item. Your funding model should contain the Tuition Fee at minimum. You can optionally add any other items that you charge for as well.
  5. Choose which calculation method should be used for this item. By default, this will be set to $ / Unit (bottom-up approach). You can also choose to set your fees per enrolment (top-down approach). In this case, VETtrak will distribute the amounts across the various units for you.
  6. Click the Date button to add information for a new period.
  7. Enter the full price and concession amounts that you are charging each year.
  8. If GST applies to this item, tick this box. The GST amount will be calculated when the item is added to the enrolment.


  • If you always charge the same Tuition Fee for a particular qualification, you will only have to set up one Funding Model and this will be the default.  No further data work will be required for you to comply with your tuition fee reporting requirements.
  • If you have different tuition fee setups for the same qualification, then you will have more than one Funding Model for that qualification.  Set the most common one as the default and then remember to edit the enrolments that use the other Funding Model/s and change them to the correct one.
  • Tuition fees are set on a per unit basis. If you want to report different amounts depending, for example, on the number of hours in the unit, you will need to edit the amounts directly in each enrolment. 

Set the Funding Model in Enrolments

When setting up your enrolments, make sure you select the correct Funding Model on the pricing page of the Enrolment Wizard. Note that as this reporting is only applicable to funded training, you must also ensure a Contract / Schedule Number is selected on the AVETMISS page of the enrolment.

Viewing and Editing the Reported Tuition Fees

Once the tuition fees have been set, they can be viewed and edited in the Edit AVETMISS Values Wizard. You may want to edit the values if, for instance, you wish to calculate and report the units' tuition fees based on their hours rather than the same amount for each unit:

Reporting the Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are reported as part of the NAT00120 file when you submit your AVETMISS files. Note that although exact dollar and cents amounts can be entered for tuition fee amounts, these will be rounded up to the next whole dollar amount when reported in the AVETMISS files.

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