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Submission Queries

On occasions where a submission is incomplete or requires further information to be processed, the submission will need to be queried.

Once a query has been added to a submission an email notification is sent to the training consultant who submitted the original package, with a link to the original submission. The training consultant is then responsible for rectifying the issue.

The data processing team is notified once the training consultant has responded to the query. If the new information resolves the query, processing resumes.

The Submissions Register screen indicates records for which queries have been raised with an icon in the Status column:

The Manage Submission Package screen displays the query information:

  • Resolved queries will show a green tick next to them. No further action is required.
  • Queries requiring further action will not have a tick.

NOTE: The appearance of queries depends on the user’s role. For example the above screenshot shows the view for training consultants, however members of the data processing team will see buttons to resolve or delete queries.


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