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Responding to a queried Submission

When responding to queries it is important that you respond within the original submission package that the query was raised on in the submission list - do not raise a new package to respond to a query as this may result in inaccurate recording of activity.

To respond to a query:

  • Open the email that contains the query; and
  • Click on the link in the email to the submission.

The Manage Submission Package screen will be displayed, where the details of the query can be viewed in the Queries section:

  • Click the 'Click Here to Add a Comment or an Attachment' link.

This will expand the Discussion section:


  • Add any necessary comments to address the query.
  • If required, click 'Browse…' to add revised attachment(s) to the submission.
  • Click the 'Submit Comment and Attachment' button.

Once you have added comments and/or uploaded the attachment, the query is considered to be responded to.

The data processing team will review the revised information and where the query is considered resolved they will note this by placing a green tick next to the query within the submission.

Where multiple queries exist on the one package, it is most efficient to address all outstanding queries.


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