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Creating News Articles in VETnet

News articles are displayed on the Welcome screen of , which is the screen presented to users upon successful login. Users with administrative privileges can create new articles to appear there.

To create a news article:

  • Highlight the Tools menu item.
  • Select Create News Article.

This will display the Create News Article page:

The screen is divided into sections.The Editor section is where the article content is created:

  • Enter a Title for the article. The title also acts as the heading for the article on the Welcome screen.
  • The Alias field can be left blank.
  • Use the editor provided to create the article content. In addition to functions that may be familiar from other text editing or word processing programs, the following are also provided:
    • DOClink inserts a link to a document into the article.
    • Article inserts a link to a different article into the article.
    • Image inserts an image into the article.
    • Page Break inserts a page break in the article. Text appearing after the page break will be displayed on the next page. Also provides links to navigate between pages, a table of contents, and the option to view the article without page breaks.
    • Read More inserts a button users must click to view the remainder of the article.
    • Toggle editor switches between the default WYSIWYG editor and the HTML source editor.

The Publishing section provides options relating to the display of the article. Only the following options require attention:

  • Start Publishing determines when the article will be displayed. This field can be left blank to publish the article immediately upon save or a specific date can be selected using the  icon.
  • Finish Publishing determines when the article will be removed from being displayed. This field can be left blank to display the article indefinitely or a specific date for removal can be selected using the  icon.
  • Access determines the users that are able to view the article:
    • Public displays the article to anyone visiting , without requiring login details.
    • Registered requires users to login to view the article. This is the default choice.
    • Special requires users to login and have administrative privileges for the article to be shown.

The Language and Metadata sections an be ignored.

  • Click the Save button in the Editor section to create the article. Alternatively click Cancel to discard the article.


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