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SA: AVETMISS Reporting

NCVER requires AVETMISS national reporting to be done on a quarterly basis. In order to do this, DFEEST needs to receive data from all RTOs quarterly. 

Enrolment Wizard

For units to appear in your AVETMISS submission, the enrolment they belong to must be set to a South Australian location and have the correct information entered on the AVETMISS page of the Enrolment Wizard.

A sample enrolment is shown below - yours may be slightly different.

Results Wizard

You need to have your results up-to-date by the end of each quarter. For units that have a Continuing result with a planned finish date in the current year, VETtrak will convert that result to a blank result when generating the AVETMISS report for the quarterly submission.

For our example, we will look at an enrolment with a mixture of result types recorded:

  • Completed type results (Competent, Credit Transfer, RPL)
  • Continuing with a planned finish date this year
  • No result recorded (these will not be reported)
  • Continuing with a planned finish date next year

Generate AVETMISS Wizard

For your quarterly submissions, leave the "Enforce end of year validation" box unticked.

When the box is left unticked, all units will be reported with no errors, regardless of whether they are completed or not:



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