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Transferring Individual Enrolments from VETtrak to FinPa

Once an enrolment has been created in VETtrak, you then need to transfer it to FinPa so the client can undertake their training in the LMS.

To transfer a single enrolment, right-click on a client's enrolment or occurrence enrolment and select Transfer enrolment to FinPa LMS.

  1. Select the FinPa brand that you want to transfer the enrolment to. (If you only have one instance of FinPa, this should already be selected.)
  2. A message will indicate if the client already exists in FinPa, or if they are a new client to be created in FinPa.
  3. You can choose to transfer the entire qualification to FinPa, or
  4. Transfer one or more individual units.
  5. If you have selected to transfer individual units, tick the unit(s) that you want to transfer to FinPa.
  6. If any units are mapped to more than one FinPa course, select the FinPa course it is to be transferred to.


  • It is possible to transfer both the qualification and the individual units to FinPa by running through the wizard twice.
  • A validation error will occur in the following circumstances:
    • When transferring an entire qualification:
      • The enrolment doesn't have a qualification.
      • The qualification has not been mapped to a FinPa course.
      • The FinPa course that the qualification is mapped to has a Closed status.
      • The enrolment has already been transferred to FinPa.
    • When transferring either a qualification or a unit:
      • The enrolment is not active.
      • The end date of the enrolment is in the past.
      • The FinPa LMS Brand Configuration Wizard has not been set up.
      • The client does not have a username/password recorded in VETrak.
  • When transferring individual units, the units will not appear in the grid in the following circumstances:
    • The enrolled unit already has a completed result.
    • The enrolled unit has already been transferred to FinPa.
    • The unit is not mapped to any FinPa course.
    • The FinPa course that the unit is mapped to has a Closed status.



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