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Bulk Transfer of Enrolments from VETtrak to FinPa

To transfer multiple occurrence enrolments to FinPa at once, right-click on the occurrence's Enrolments node and select Transfer enrolments to FinPa LMS.

  1. Select the FinPa brand that you want to transfer the enrolments to. (If you only have one instance of FinPa, this should already be selected.)
  2. Select whether to transfer the whole qualification or individual units.
  3. If you have selected to transfer individual units, tick the unit(s) that you want to transfer to FinPa.
  4. If any units are mapped to more than one FinPa course, select the FinPa course it is to be transferred to.
  5. Click Next.

  1. Tick the clients whose enrolments you want to transfer.
  2. The status column will be red if a client cannot be transferred. Click on the red box for more information.


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