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VETtrak Standard Reports Overview

VETtrak has a range of Standard Reports available. Standard Reports reflect a range of common enquiries you may have in regards to information in your VETtrak database, with a range of criteria and filters to see exactly what you require.  New VETtrak Standard Reports are also developed regularly. To update/access new VETtrak Standard Reports please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

For a full list of Standard Reports refer to this article here: List of Standard Reports

VETtrak Standard Reports are available now in your VETtrak. To access Standard Reports in VETtrak:

  1. Select the Report menu.
  2. Select Standard reports.

Or click the  icon on the toolbar.

This will display the Standard Report Manager:

On the right hand side is Report Tree - a list of expandable headings that contain reports available to run. To see a full list of reports and their criteria, please refer to this Help Centre article.

The left hand side contains the Report Information panel, which contains the Run Report button, and a Description of the currently selected report.

The Report updates panel in the bottom right hand side allows a user to Check web for updates to ensure their Standard Reports are up to date.

We recommend performing a Standard Report update regularly to ensure your reports are performing optimally, particularly after performing a VETtrak Software Update


You can also update the Standard Reports in your VETtrak Global Preferences:

  1. Select File > Global preferences
  2. Select Report preferences.
  3. Click Check web for updates.

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