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Managing Existing Agreements

Once agreements have been created, the Agreement List table allows them to be managed. This includes setting parameters for newly created agreements and making changes to existing ones.

The listed order of the agreements also defines the display order for the Agreements step of the registration process. Although this only applies in instances where there are multiple agreements assigned to the same programme or price type.

The following management features are available:

  1. Name — This link allows the data set during creation to be modified.
  2. Parameters —Displays the total number of parameters set for the agreement and links to the Parameter screen for editing them.
  3. 'move up' and 'move down' links — These links provide control over the order of the list.
  4. 'delete' link — Clicking this link will permanently remove the agreement.


RELATED: Editing Parameters to chose for what courses the agreement will be shown.

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