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Editing Custom Agreement Parameters

Parameters for existing Agreements are available from the Agreements list on the Custom Agreements page:

A custom agreement’s parameters determine when the agreement will be displayed at the Custom Agreements step during the registration process. Parameters are edited from the Custom Agreement List table on the Custom Agreements page.


  1. Click the '(Edit)' link.

This will open the Custom Agreement's Parameter screen, for example:


The Parameters screen has the following elements:

  • 'Parameters: [Agreement Name]' to facilitate the creation of new parameters for the agreement and allows existing parameters to be viewed and modified.
    • The 'Back' button will return you to the Agreements screen.
    • The 'New' Button will clears the Custom Agreements fields for a new parameter to be saved.
    • The 'Save' Button will save the current entries into the Parameter List table.
  • The Parameter List table contains saved agreements and allows them to be managed.
    • Click the Agreement Name links to modify the parameters.
    • Permanently remove unwanted parameters using the 'delete' link.

NOTE: The Parameter List table will only be displayed if you are editing an agreement with existing parameters. Otherwise it will be hidden until the first parameter is saved.


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