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Navigating the VETenrol Client Administration

The navigation menu appears at the top of the screen, with items aligned horizontally. Some menu items open a sub menu containing links, which is indicated with a  icon.


The menu consists of the following items:

  • Activity — A sub menu providing access to records of user activity, categorised by type.
    • Registrations — A quick view of pending registrations. This is also the screen shown immediately after a successful login.
    • Enquiries — A quick view for enquiries made for occurrences via VETenrol.
    • Eligibilities — A list of completed eligibility forms.
  • Programmes —A sub-menu of links relating to programmes.
  • Settings — A sub menu of links for modifying various settings.
  • Custom — This sub menu provides links to the custom features of VETenrol.
    • Custom Agreements — Manage the Agreements step in the registration process and set the declarations customers must agree to in order to proceed.
    • Custom Forms — Manage the Custom step in the registration process.
    • Eligibility Builder — Create a link to an eligibility form.
    • Registration Builder — Create a link to the registration form.
    • LLN Quizzes — Manage Language, Literacy and Numeracy quizzes and apply them to programmes.
  • Reports — Access a small selection of reports for VETenrol.
  • Links — Access a selection of common VETenrol links.
  • Logout — A button to exit the Client Administration interface.

Position your mouse pointer over a menu item to cause it to highlight. In the case of items with the  icon the sub menu will display momentarily, then position the mouse over the desired item. Press the left mouse button to choose the highlighted item and the corresponding screen will be displayed.

NOTE: There is also a link called User Manual in the footer that will navigate to a PDF manual for VETenrol.


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