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Registrations in VETenrol Client Administration

The Registrations page is the main area of the VETenrol Client Administration. This is where all current registrations are viewed and individual registration details are accessed. It is available from the Activity sub menu.


  1. 'Receipt #' — A search feature for finding registrations by receipt number, or registration ID. Entering a valid receipt number/registration ID and pressing Go will take you to the Registration Details page for the associated registration.
  2. Filter registrations to show only matching records using:
    • 'From' and 'To' — to filter by date range. Clicking either field will display a calendar showing a three month period beginning with the current month.
    • 'RTO ID' — to filter by a specific instance (only for clients with more than one VETenrol instance).
    • 'Programme' — to filter by programme name.
    • 'Location' — to filter by occurrence location.
    • 'Occu ID' — to filter by occurrence ID.
    • 'Occu Date' — to filter by occurrence start date.
    • 'Family Name' — to filter by the customer's surname.
  3. Actions for the registration list:
    • 'Status' — filter by the status assigned to registrations. For example, choose 'Approved' to view registrations that are complete and are no longer displayed in the list.
    • 'Refresh List' button — apply the current filter.
    • 'Reset Filters' button — removes the current filter (does not apply to Status).
    • 'Export Results' button — allows the registration list to be saved as an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx).
  4. Registration List table — This is the at-a-glance information provided for each current registration. It is possible to sort the list using the column headers.
    • 'ID' — Unique number generated by VETenrol to identify the record. The IDs listed in this column can be clicked to open individual Registration Details.
    • 'Name' — The customer's full name. The names listed in this column can be clicked to open individual Registration Details.
    • 'Registration Type' — Identifies individual and group bookings.
    • 'Client ID' — The instance used to register (only applicable with multiple instances).
    • 'Date' — The date of the registration, specifically when the Confirm Registration button is clicked.
    • 'Programme' — The course in which the person wants to enrol.
    • 'Occu ID' — the Occurrence ID of the course as it appears in VETtrak.
    • 'Occu Date' — The start date for the occurrence.
    • 'Location' — The location assigned to the occurrence.
    • 'Cost' — The amount paid or pending payment.
    • 'Payment Status' — Details of the payment.
      Status may be:
      • Pending Payment — The customer has not completed the secure payment step.
      • Details Supplied — A credit card payment has gone through.
      • Blocked (Expired) — Payment is prevented due to the course expiring before the registration was completed. This requires the Block Expired setting to be enabled, and for the customer to attempt to confirm the registration.

        and, if enabled:
      • Bill to Business — The customer has indicated their employer will be paying all costs associated with their registration.
      • EFT — Indicates the customer will be paying by direct deposit into your organisation’s bank account.
      • Direct Debit — The customer wants to pay via a direct debit arrangement.
      • Invoice Me — The customer requires you to send them an invoice.
      • Purchase Order — The customer will be sending through a purchase order.
      • VET Student Loan — Indicates the customer wants to use the Government's VET Student Loans scheme.
    • 'Receipt #' — The receipt number.
    • 'Status' — Identifies the state of the registration.
      Other Status can be added, but the defaults are:
      • Registration received — The registration is new.
      • Approved — The registration is complete.
    •  icon — View the contact diary entries for the registration.
    •  icon — Email the client a message from a template.
  5. 'Bulk Action' — Allows various registrations to be selected using the checkboxes and then actioned by choosing a Bulk Action and clicking Submit.


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