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Handling Group Bookings in VETenrol

The Group Booking feature allows an employer to register a number of their employees for a course. In the case where a group booking is received:

  • The name of the company will be listed in the Name column.

Clicking the company name will open the 'Registration Details' screen:

  • The Places section lists the participant names if these details were provided during registration.

NOTE: Providing place details to match the number of reservations is not forced. It may be necessary to contact the employer to discuss their registration.

A Premium license for VETtrak is required to receive group bookings. The registrations are received into VETtrak's Web Enrolments as with a standard registration.

  • The occurrence is expanded to reveal a new tab titled 'Employer web enrolments'.
  • The registration is expanded to reveal the individual participants.
  • The Employer should be matched first, then each participant.



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