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Creating a LLN Quiz

To create a new quiz:


  1. Type in a 'Quiz Name' to identify the quiz.
  2. Optionally, provide an 'Introduction' for your quiz. This field accepts basic html.
    • The 'Default' button in the section header will insert the standard introductory text.
  3. Enable the 'Multi-level question bulleting' check box if you want to number sections instead of questions.

    A single question in a section will not be assigned a label, however those with multiple Questions will be assigned a), b), c), etc. If this option is not enabled each question will be numbered sequentially regardless of the section to which it belongs.

    For example: if you subsequently create a section with two questions:
    Default Multi-level

    Section content

    1. Question
    2. Question
    1. Section content
      1. Question
      2. Question
  4. Click the 'Save' button.

The quiz will appear in the LLN Quiz table and is ready to be populated.


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