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Including Programmes in a LLN Quiz

The quiz requires at least one programme assigned for the quiz to be active. The quiz will only be included as a step in the registration process for the programmes specified.

To include programme(s), click the 'Edit' link under the Programmes column:

A new page will be displayed containing a section for adding programmes to the quiz and a list of existing inclusions (if any).

  1. Enter the 'Programme Name' in the field provided.
  2. Click the 'Save' button.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 if the quiz should be applied to additional Programmes, then:

  1. Click the 'Back' button to return to the LLN Quizzes screen.
    Use the Inclusions list to prevent the LLN being displayed for some of an included programme's occurrences as described in Applying Exclusions.


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