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Using the Step Introduction

The Step Introduction is part of the Custom Agreements feature, which is accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrol Admin Icon Config), via the Agreements link under Step Creation.


The Step Introduction section provides an introduction for the Agreements step in the registration process, it will be displayed before any of the agreements. The Step Introduction field can be left blank if an introduction is not wanted.


Note: The Agreements step will be skipped if no agreements exist, or if there aren't any that apply to the course in which the user is registering.

VETenrol Admin Configuration Cared Step Creation

Setting the Step Introduction

VETenrol Admin Custom Agreements Section Step Intro.png

  1. Plain text or html can be typed directly in the field displayed. Alternatively, open the editor by clicking the icon (VETenrol Admin Icon Editor).
  1. Click the Save button to apply any changes made.

The Step Introduction has been set.


An example shown at the Agreements step:

VETenrol Admin Custom Agreements Step Intro VETenrol Agreements Step Step Intro Example


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