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Modifying an Agreement

The Custom Agreements feature is accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrol Admin Icon Config) via the Agreements link under Step Creation.


The Add/Edit Agreement section is used to create new agreements and edit existing ones.


Note: Agreements without parameters are not in use.
The Agreements step will be skipped if there aren't any agreements that apply to the course in which the user is registering.

VETenrol Admin Configuration Cared Step Creation

To change an existing agreement:


  1. Click the agreement’s Name in the Agreement List.

This will load the details of the agreement into the Add/Edit Agreement section:

VETenrol Admin Custom Agreements Edit

  1. Modify the entries as required.
    • Name — identifies the agreement in the list for managing and editing in future.
    • Applies To — the registration type for which the agreement is intended to display.
    • Heading — displayed to users for this agreement at the Agreements step.
      NOTE: The Heading field only accepts plain text and will be displayed as entered.
    • Agreement — text, or content of the agreement, displayed to the users at the Agreements step.
      The field accepts plain text or html, which can be entered directly or alternatively open the editor by clicking the icon (VETenrol Admin Icon Editor).
  2. Click the Save button.

The Agreements List will be updated to reflect the changes if the Name was altered.


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