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Modifying an existing Question

Questions and Question Sets are a part of the Custom Step feature, which is accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrol Admin Icon Config), via the link under Step Creation.


Question Sets act as containers for questions. Once a Question Set contains at least one question, the Set can display at the Custom step during the registration process.


NOTE: Client Admin refers to these as Headers and Fields.

VETenrol Admin Configuration Card Step Creation

Questions are edited from the Custom Set Questions page. Navigate to the Custom Set Questions page using the list on the Custom Step page:

VETenrol Admin Custom Step List: Open Questions

  • Click the link (VETenrol Admin Icon Open with a number) in the Questions column of the List.

This will open the Custom Set Questions page, where questions can be created and edited.

An existing Question can be modified:

VETenrol Admin Custom Set Questions: Edit Question

  1. Click the relevant link (VETenrol Admin Icon Edit with the question text) in the Question column of the list.
  2. This will display it in the the Question section, allowing the existing entries to be changed:
    • The question text can be adjusted either directly in the field or using the Editor ( VETenrol Admin Icon Editor).
    • The other settings can be left as is or edited as needed.
  3. Click Save.

The list will be updated to any reflect saved changes to the question text.



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