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Special Variables in VETenrol

VETenrol stores some commonly used text in special variables for convenience. The use of those variables in customised HTML code or automated email notifications allows changes to be made to Settings such as phone number and have those changes carry through without needing to re-edit code.

Enter the special variable into your code like a place holder and it will be replaced with the associated text when the HTML is generated.


On-Screen Agreements
The following special variables are only applicable to the custom fields available on the Agreements screen of the Client Administration Interface.

    Your organisation’s email address, as entered in General Settings.
    Your organisation’s name, obtained from General Settings.
    Your organisation’s telephone number, as entered in General Settings.


Email Notifications (Staff & Client)

The Subject line, body and EFT Sections can contain the following special variables:

    Customer’s complete address, as supplied during registration.
    Displays a list of classes for the course.
    Your organisation’s contact information, as set in General Settings. It is also possible to access individual address elements for the confirmation email to customers, which may be useful If you wish to change the order in which the address is presented for the email.
    • *ADDRESS1* for address line 1.
    • *ADDRESS2* for address line 2.
    • *CITY*
    • *STATE*
    • *PCODE*
    • *PHONE*
    • *FAX*
    • *EMAIL*
    The name of your organisation, obtained from General Settings.
  • *COST*
    Total amount the customer must pay.
  • *DATE*
    Current date as at the generation of the email.
  • *EFTAccount*
    Bank Account Number, obtained from General Settings.
  • *EFTAccountName*
    Bank Account Name, obtained from General Settings.
  • *EFTBSB*
    BSB Number for your organisation’s bank account, obtained from General Settings.
  • *NAME*
    Customer’s full name as supplied by the customer during registration.
  • *OCCUID*
    Occurrence Identification Number, corresponding to the occurrence within VETtrak.
    Start date for the occurrence.
    The name of the course as set in VETtrak.
  • *RECEIPTNUMBER* or *EFTReference*
    A receipt number for reference, composing of the OccuID and a unique sequential number.

NOTE: Does not apply to Mail Templates - these have their own list.

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