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VETenrol Main Page

Depending on your organisation’s website linking choices, clients may never see this page. Regardless, it is ideal for testing purposes because the occurrences displayed when a course is clicked are retrieved directly from VETtrak (through the API).

The majority of the elements of this page are affected by branding, style and other customisation features. They may be in different locations or may not be visible at all in your organisation’s version of VETenrol.


Without a course selected

If VETenrol is started without providing course information, the customer will be required to choose a course.


Main screen — course not selected

  1. Organisation’s logo.
  2. Breadcrumb area — A space reserved for links to the current and previous steps in the registration process.
  3. Content area — This area is where course information and then the steps in the registration process are displayed. It will exist regardless of branding.
    • The Welcome heading and text are displayed here.
  4. Course links — A list of courses with occurrences published for online enrolment as obtained from VETtrak. Clicking an item will display specific details for that course. Links may be categorised depending on branding.
  5. Organisation’s contact information — As obtained from General Settings.
  6. Footer — Displays a copyright message.


With a course selected

It is possible to navigate direct to the main screen with a course selected.

Mainscreen1a.png Mainscreen1b.png
Course selected — with occurrences Course selected — without occurrences
  1. Page Heading Text
  2. Course name
  3. Course description
  4. Location selector — A drop down menu to filter the listed occurrences by location. It only appears if a course has occurrences with more than one location.
  5. Occurrence details — Important information about the occurrence, such as date of enrolment close and cost.
  6. Links to toggle displaying of Class and Unit information.
  7. Register buttons for the occurrence
    • Register — Starts the registration process for an individual.
    • Group Booking — Starts the group booking registration process.This will only be displayed if the occurrence has been published in VETrak to allow Employers to enrol.

    NOTE: In a typical set-up the 'Register' button will be shaded if an occurrence registration close date is in the past but falls within the current month.

  8. Course Enquiry form — Allows customers to express their interest in a course that does not currently have any up-and-coming occurrences entered into VETtrak. The Show All Programmes setting, which is ticked by default, must be enabled for this to work.


RELATED: Site Settings: Courses for Show All Programmes and other settings affecting the display of courses.


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