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The Calendar

There are two calendars available and in both cases they provide an alternative to the default main page.

  1. Original Calendar
    The original calendar offers a monthly view and a category view.

  2. Modern Calendar
    The modern calendar provides a multiple views and shows the course list.



Original Calendar (calendar.aspx)


Modern Calendar (kalendar.aspx)


The Original Calendar

The original calendar offers a simple month-by-month calendar interface and a category view. Linking options exist to hide or link solely to the Category View.


Monthly View

Traverse the calendar month to month. Course details are retrieved from VETtrak only for the number of months in advanced specified in the Months to Show setting.


  1. Toggle between the Monthly and Category views using the View Selection.
  2. Calendar navigation:
    • Link to the previous month. This link is not displayed while viewing the current month, since past months are not available for browsing.
    • The month being viewed.
    • Link to next month.
  3. An available course.
    Clicking a course opens the occurrence details in a pop-up as detailed below.


Occurrence Pop-up

The Occurrence pop-up is opened when a customer clicks a link in the Monthly View and is also displayed once a customer clicks an occurrence from the Category View.

The occurrence details are displayed:


  1. Toggle class information
  2. Users can start the registration process by clicking the 'Register' button.
  3. Close the pop-up.


Category View

Shows the calendar legend. The Category View can also be directly linked and used without the calendar.


  1. Use the View selection to toggle between the Monthly and Category views.
  2. A Category. Each category displayed lists:
    • Category heading.
    • Colour coding for the category. Programmes in the category are underlined with this colour on the calendar Monthly View.
    • Available programmes within that category.
    • The number of associated events (available occurrences) for each programme.
  3. Clicking a programme will open the Programme popup.

Clicking a programme will open the Programme popup.

NOTE: Programmes with a single occurrence will open the Occurrence pop-up instead.


Programme Pop-up

The Programme pop-up is opened on the Category View when a customer clicks a programme link. It displays each of the available occurrences for the programme.


  1. Clicking the Location link opens the occurrence pop-up.
  2. Close the pop-up.


The Modern Calendar

The modern calendar provides a monthly, weekly and daily view plus access to the list of available courses. Colour coding is applied to courses based on the occurrence colour set in VETtrak. As with the original calendar, the Months to Show setting controls how far into the future course details will be retrieved for display in the calendar.




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