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The Calendar

The Calendar provides an alternative to the default main page.

The calendar is not a standard VETenrol feature and must be requested.


Monthly View

  1. Toggle between the Monthly and Category views using the View Selection.
  2. Calendar navigation:
    • Link to the previous month. This link is not displayed while viewing the current month, since past months are not available for browsing.
    • The month being viewed.
    • Link to next month.
  3. An available course.
    Clicking a course opens the occurrence details in a pop-up as detailed below.


Category View

Shows the calendar legend.

  1. Use the View selection to toggle between the Monthly and Category views.
  2. A Category. Each category displayed lists:
    • Category heading.
    • Colour coding for the category. Programmes in the category are underlined with this colour on the calendar Monthly View.
    • Available programmes within that category.
    • The number of associated events (available occurrences) for each programme.
  3. Clicking a programme will open the Programme popup.

Clicking a programme will open the Programme popup.

NOTE: Programmes with a single occurrence will open the Occurrence pop-up instead.


Programme Pop-up

The Programme pop-up is opened on the Category View when a customer clicks a programme link. It displays each of the available occurrences for the programme.

  1. Clicking the Location link opens the occurrence pop-up.
  2. Close the pop-up.


Occurrence Pop-up

The Occurrence pop-up is opened when a customer clicks a link in the Monthly View and is also displayed once a customer clicks an occurrence from the Category View.

The occurrence details are displayed:

  1. Toggle class information
  2. Users can start the registration process by clicking the 'Register' button.
  3. Close the pop-up.



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