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VETenrol Release Notes - June 2016

New Features

  • Delivery Type can now be obtained from VETtrak and displayed on the main page for occurrences.
  • Occurrence Description can now be obtained from VETtrak and displayed on the main page for occurrences.
  • Close Dates can now be specified globally or by programme to determine when registrations will no longer be accepted for occurrences.
  • Price Type Exclusions for hiding specific price types for occurrences.



  • The main logo VETenrol displays can now be linked to a website. Please request for this to be enabled via support, if you are interested.
  • Various formatting improvements. This may have a mild impact on some older style branding, please contact support if you notice any discrepancies.
  • *OCCU_START* has been added as a new special variable for emails.
  • AVETMISS step now asks if short term/long term unemployed, after the user chooses a relevant unemployed option at the employment status question.
  • Employment step wording for the opening question has been updated for clarity. Position field can now be made a text field instead of a drop-down list of positions obtained from VETtrak.
  • Concession step is now state-specific (based on the location of the occurrence). Also, the wording in the Job seeker section has been updated to Are you a job seeker registered with a jobactive provider.
  • VET FEE-HELP Step now includes a field for CHESSN. VET FEE-HELP terms and conditions can now be customised via Agreements.
  • RPL/CT step now asks the RPL and CT questions separately. Mandatory upload of documentation has been removed.
  • EchoSign integration now permits sending of a PDF document uploaded by the RTO from the Registration Details page.
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