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Confirm Step

Confirm Step is a Mandatory Registration Step found on the Registration Settings page, which is available from the Settings menu.

These settings apply to the step where customers confirm their registration, agree to terms and conditions and choose their payment method (if applicable).


Options for the Confirm step:


Referral Source Step

When it is enabled () the 'Enable Referral Source Step' checkbox adds the question 'How did you hear about us?' to the Terms & Conditions step. If the checkbox is disabled () the question is not shown.

The 'Force Collection of Referral Source' checkbox makes it mandatory to select an answer to the question 'How did you hear about us?' when it is enabled (). The referral source can be left blank if this checkbox is disabled ().



'Enable Referral Source Step' disabled ()

'Enable Referral Source Step' enabled ()


Hide Special Needs

Toggle this option to enable or disable the Special Requirements / Needs section at the Terms & Conditions step.

For example:



Disabled (  )

Enabled (  default)


Disable Terms & Conditions

Toggle this option to enable or disable the Terms & Conditions section of the Confirm step.

For example:



Disabled ( )

Enabled ( default)


Disable need to accept terms & conditions

Toggle this option to remove the acceptance checkbox for Terms & Conditions.

For example:



Disabled ( )

Enabled ( default)


Enable signature pad

Toggle this option to enable or disable the signature pad section at the Terms & Conditions step. This will enable students to sign their name in the space provided using their mouse.

For example:



Disabled (  default)

Enabled ( )


Show study reason on confirm step

Toggle this option to enable or disable the Study Reason question at this step.


Enable sundry file upload

Select the number of file upload fields to include in the sundry file upload section at the Terms & Conditions step. If the setting is Off the section will not be displayed.

For example:



Setting OFF

Setting 1

If any files are uploaded, Registration Details will include an additional section titled Sundry Upload where the file(s) will be listed. Clicking the filename will download the file. 


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