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Close Dates

The Close Dates menu item provides access to the feature used to change when registrations close for occurrences. The default close date for registrations is the start date of the occurrence, however using Close Dates, this date can be overridden by specifying the number of days prior to the start date that registrations should close. Close Dates are applied based on programme name.

For example: A Close Date of 1 # Days will set registrations to close the day before the start date, for a specified programme.

The Close Dates screen has two key elements:

  • The Close Dates section — used to create, or modify an exclusion.
  • The Close Dates list table — for managing existing exclusions.

NOTE: The Close Dates List table will not be displayed if there are no close dates.

To Create a new Close Date:

  1. Type the 'Programme Name' in the field provided. Leave this field blank if you want the close date to apply to all programmes.
  2. Enter the number of Days to close registrations before the start of an occurrence.
  3. Click the 'Save' button.

The newly created close date will be added to the Close Dates List table.


Close Dates in the List table can be:

  1. Modified by clicking the '(Edit)' link in the ID column.


  2. Removed from the list by clicking the corresponding 'delete' link.


RELATED: Show Close Dates (Site Setting) for details on showing close dates for occurrences on the main screen.


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