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Recommendations on managing surveys for reporting

To get the most out of VETsurvey for reporting purposes, we suggest creating a new survey for each year. This is easily achieved by:

  1. Duplicating the existing surveyand appending the new year to the survey name.
    Ie. Course Completion Questionnaire - Learner 2017.
  2. Edit the surveys to enable the relevant SMART Export option and set the survey that is not currently being used to 'None'.
  3. Editing the survey content, if new questions are needed or existing questions need updates.

Participants can then be directed to the correct survey for the year.

This method ensures that participants can complete the surveys any time, just send them the survey link for the correct year based on the date they completed. Futhermore, old data is retained (providing you do NOT delete your surveys from previous years) and can be reported on as needed.


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