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Employer Step

The Employer Step is an optional Registration Step found on the Registration Settings page, which is available from the Settings menu.


First the step must be enabled:

Then, the individual options are:


The 'Require Employer Details' checkbox activates the Employer Step in the registration process when it is enabled (). The step is skipped if the checkbox is disabled ().

The 'Force collection of employer details' checkbox makes completing the Employer step mandatory when it is enabled ().

forceEmployer0.png forceEmployer1.png

Disabled ()

Enabled ()

When ticked (), the 'Enable VETtrak employers auto-complete' checkbox will set the Business Name field to search all Employers in VETtrak when acustomer begins typing a business name. The customer can select the employer from the drop-down list of search results. If this checkbox is disabled () customers must manually type the information.

NOTE: The Employer record in VETtrak must contain at least the State in the address in order for the the record to be found and listed with auto-complete.


The 'Only allow registered employers' checkbox limits the Business Name field to a drop-down menu of preset Employers and pre-fills the other fields when the customer selects one. If this checkbox is disabled () customers must manually type the information.

registeredEmployer0.png registeredEmployer1.png

'Only allow registered employers' disabled ()

'Only allow registered employers' enabled ()

The 'Disable ABN question' checkbox can be enabled () to remove the ABN field.

registeredEmployer0.png Employer_disableABN.png

'Disable ABN question' disabled ()

'Disable ABN question' enabled ()

The 'Disable employer contact' checkbox can be enabled () to remove the Contact Name field.

registeredEmployer0.png Employer_disableContact.png

'Disable employer contact question' disabled ()

'Disable employer contact question' enabled ()

The 'Enable Positions' checkbox can be enabled to include the Position drop-down menu as part of the employer information collected.

The positions listed are obtained from VETtrak (Configuration > Positions).

The 'Allow free-form positions' checkbox requires customers manually type their position, rather than select from the pre-populated list. Free-form positions are passed to VETtrak as additional data and may cause issues when Client Matching.


The 'Disable Payroll ID' checkbox can be enabled () to remove the Payroll ID field.

registeredEmployer0.png Employer_disablePayrollID.png

'Disable Payroll ID question' disabled ()

'Disable Payroll ID question' enabled ()

The 'Require Payroll ID' checkbox can be enabled () to make the Payroll ID field mandatory as this field is not required by default.


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