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VET Student Loans Step

The VET Student Loans Step is an optional Registration Step found on the Registration Settings page, which is available from the Settings menu.


The 'Require VET Student Loans' checkbox activates the VET Student Loans Step in the registration process when it is enabled (). The step is skipped if the checkbox is disabled ().

The VET Student Loans step facilitates applying for VET Student Loans should the student wish to do so.

The option 'Do not show Skip button', if enabled, will remove the button labelled I do not wish to apply that allows users to bypass the step.

The 'Force collection of Y12 question' checkbox, if enabled, will make mandatory the questions 'In which state did you attend year 12?', and 'In which year did you complete year 12?'. Otherwise, the questions are still asked but answers are not required.

NOTE: The third Y12 question, 'Name of school where you completed year 12', is not affected by the 'Force collection of Y12 question' option and will not be made mandatory.


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