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Identity Step

The Identity Step is an optional Registration Step found on the Registration Settings page, which is available from the Settings menu.


The 'Require identity check?' checkbox activates the Identity Step in the registration process when it is enabled (). The step is skipped if the checkbox is disabled ().

The Identity Step poses a series of questions regarding identity and includes the option to upload scanned copies of identification documents.

All default questions are mandatory, however the 'Ask nationality question' can be enabled () to include the question at this step and answering it is not mandatory, unless the option 'Force collection of nationality' is also enabled. Additionally, uploading copies of identification is not required but the 'Require upload of identity document' checkbox can be enabled () to make uploading a file mandatory too.

NOTE: While the upload of a file can be made mandatory, the file contents cannot be verified as being legitimate. Staff members will need to manually check the file to ensure the customer has uploaded a scan of their identification and not just any file to complete the step. Staff members should be aware that customers could upload inappropriate/sensitive material or potentially harmful files (either intentionally or inadvertently) and should not open files with unknown file extensions. Opening files attached to registrations that are obviously fake is strongly discouraged.

The 'Skip East Timorese Asylum Seeker question', 'Skip Visa question', 'Skip prisoner status question', and 'Skip guardianship of the Minister question' checkboxes can be enabled () to prevent the respective mandatory questions from being asked at the step.

Identity.png Identity_Skip.png

Identity step (default)

Identity step (all enabled)

NOTE: Enabling this step removes the default Citizenship Status question appearing at the Contact Details step.


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