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Contract/Enrolment Types

Contract and Enrolment types can be used as a way to differentiate your enrolments. The Type is not reported in your AVETMISS files, so can be used for your own needs. The enrolment type is exported on various Standard Reports so it can be used to filter and categorise your enrolments.

Name* - This is your own name for the contract/enrolment type, this will be the name that your administration staff select in VETtrak when categorising the contract or enrolment.

Code - This is your own code to differentiate between enrolment types. It can be used to provide a quick reference for the enrolment type, without listing the full name. VETtrak staff will normally ask for this code if producing custom reports based on contract or enrolment Types.

Where can this type be used* - Each type can be set to apply only to contracts, only to enrolments or to both contracts and enrolments. Only applicable types will be visible when editing a contract or an enrolment.

Options -

  • This type is the default - A separate default option can be selected for both enrolments and contracts. These default options will be automatically entered when you create a contract or enrolment.
  • Do not make this type available for use – Ticking this box will ‘archive’ the contract/enrolment type, meaning it can no longer be selected when creating an enrolment or contract. This will not affect existing records using this type.

Description: Area where you can add your own notes for this contract/enrolment type.


*             Indicates a mandatory field.

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