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VETtrak 4.4.7 Release Notes

Important - please read this first

  • Student Portal and Trainer Portal updates - if you are using the VETtrak Student Portal and/or Trainer Portal, you must update to the latest version of the Portal(s) after updating VETtrak, otherwise some parts of the Portal(s) will not function correctly.
  • Report updates - after performing the update to 4.4.7, you must perform a report update in VETtrak. To do so, after updating to 4.4.7, go to the File menu -> Global Preferences -> Report Preferences -> Check Web For Updates button.


Release - 29/07/2016

This minor update from 4.4.7.x fixes the following issues:

  1. Fixed an issue that caused units with names of 100 characters or more in length to be missing the 100th character when imported in the Training Package Importer. The names of any affected current units have been corrected.
  2. Fixed an issue in the Setup Ezidebit Payment Plan wizard that caused the outstanding invoice amount to be incorrectly calculated when the invoice has adjustments.
  3. Fixed an issue with exporting the postcodes and PAS number as numeric columns in the NSW Provider Calculator Export wizard.


Release - 25/07/2016

This minor update from 4.4.7.x adds the new fee waiver code "W002 = Fee-Free Scholarship - Other Circumstances" to the NSW Smart and Skilled eligibility tabs in the Enrolment wizard.


Release - 15/07/2016

This minor update from contains some reporting changes and response to customer feedback.

  1. The South Australian Department of State Development are about to release a new version of STELA on the 20/7/2016 and in testing have reported issues with customers reporting courses set with a Recognition Status of 14 – Other Courses. They have asked for SA state reportable enrolments to either:
    • Set the Recognition Status of these courses to 16 – Locally recognised skill set
    • Or, alternatively during the process of assigning an enrolment to a client leave the Qualification/Course field blank, thus reporting a blank Program Identifier.

    A new validation rule has been added to the SA State AVETMISS Generation validation rules to not allow a course to be reported with the recognition status of 14 – Other Courses. This will cause an error during an AVETMISS generation

  2. In Victoria a new reject for superseding enrolments (Reject 33) has been added to come into force from the 1/8/2016. In VIC State AVETMISS generation, in the NAT00120 file, if the commencement date of a unit is 1/8/2016 or later, and the enrolment has a “supersedes enrolment” that either does not have a state funding source or has a state funding source with a national funding source of 20 (Domestic client - other revenue) or 30 (International client - other revenue), VETtrak will report an error that the superseded enrolment cannot be fee-for-service.

    Also, when creating or editing an enrolment, if the enrolment is VIC state reportable and has a commencement date or start date of 1/8/2016 or later and a “supersedes enrolment” has been selected, and the selected “supersedes enrolment” either does not have a state funding source or has a state funding source with a national funding source of 20 (Domestic client - other revenue) or 30 (International client - other revenue), VETtrak will report an error that the superseded enrolment cannot be fee-for-service.

  3. In NSW when creating the Provider Calculator Export file, the option is now available to select if the file is to be an ‘Enquiry’ or ‘Notification’. The selection will apply to all records in the exported file.

  4. When running the National AVETMISS Generation wizard the option of creating the NAT00085 file has been added. Please note that this file is not required by the NCVER, and should not be submitted through AVS.

  5. For Tasks, when recording Task status changes, the Start Date and Completion date will no longer be auto-populated. This feature caused some confusion with customers. You will now need to select the start and completion dates. The task code is no longer truncated in the Task Activity wizard.

  6. For VET FEE-HELP, the course of study completion year is no longer mandatory when the status is completed. The VCC file export has been changed to no longer filter by completion year.

  7. The Enrolment Contact Record and Enrolled Unit Contact Record wizards no longer list inactive contact types, unless they are already being used.


Release - 1/07/2016

Version 4.4.7 is a major update from 4.4.6.x and includes database updates. Ensure you have a backup of your database before updating. If at all unsure please contact VETtrak Customer Support on 03 6333 0166 or email

The most significant changes are:

Data Insights Manager

The new Data Insights Manager allows you to create your own simple queries to extract data from your VETtrak database, with your choice of fields and search criteria. You can export your query results to a variety of formats, as well as perform certain bulk actions on some types of data. You can also save your queries to your query repository for future use.

Open the Data Insights Manager by going to the Report menu -> Data Insights, or press its button in the toolbar or dashboard.

The features include:

  1. Create, run and save custom queries on a number of entities, such as clients and enrolments, using a drag-and-drop interface without the need to know any SQL code.
  2. Choose which fields you want to retrieve, and arrange your selection of fields to suit your requirements by choosing column order, sort order and aggregate functions.
  3. Add criteria and filters to the query to define what records you want to retrieve. Multiple filters and criteria can be built up with AND and OR operations.
  4. Run a number of actions for the list of records you find: export the results to a number of formats, send email, send SMS, add to a group, run a report, or bulk update a field.
  5. The "run report" action may be used to "loop" through the list of records and send each person an individual built-in or mapped report, such as a certificate or statement, attached to a templated email.
  6. Organise your saved queries by using folders, with optional security permissions.
  7. Copy query definitions between VETtrak databases by exporting them to and importing them from a file.

For information about how to use the Data Insights Manager, go to the Report menu -> Data Insights to open the Data Insights Manager, and click the "Open the user guide" button to view the user guide. Detailed information about the fields available to be used in your queries can be found in the Data Insights Data Dictionary.

Enhancements to tasks functionality

A number of improvements have been made to the Tasks functionality.

  1. Change tasks for an occurrence that has enrolments. You are now able to use the Occurrence Task wizard to make changes to tasks, and their mappings to units, in an occurrence that already has enrolments in it. These changes will automatically flow through to any existing active enrolments in the occurrence which are set to copy their tasks from the occurrence.
  2. Select all tasks or units in mappings. In the Occurrence Task wizard, you can now click the Use column heading to tick (or untick) all units or tasks in the lists.
  3. Unmapped tasks. It is now possible to have tasks in an occurrence that are not mapped to any units. The tabs in the Occurrence Task wizard will show how many tasks are linked to each unit, and how many units are linked to each task.
  4. Customising tasks for individual enrolments. You can now right-click the Tasks node in an enrolment and select "Configure enrolment tasks" to customise the list of tasks, and their mapping to units, for individual enrolments. By default, "Copy task matrix from occurrence" is ticked, which means the enrolment's tasks are automatically copied from the occurrence, and are automatically changed when the occurrence tasks are changed, while the enrolment is active. If you untick "Copy task matrix from occurrence", you can then change the tasks, and unit mappings, for the individual enrolment, but changing the task matrix in the occurrence will no longer automatically update the tasks in that enrolment.
  5. Task due date. An optional due date field has been added to the Enrolment Tasks Activity wizard, allowing you to record a due date for each enrolled task.
  6. Cancelled task status. A new "cancelled" task status type has been added, allowing you to record which tasks were cancelled. A default "Cancelled" status has been added, and you can create more in the Configuration Manager.
  7. Order of columns in Enrolment Tasks Activity wizard. In the Enrolment Tasks Activity wizard, the order of the columns has been changed to: Task code, task name, task status, date of status change, start date, completion date, due date, staff member, percentage, and comments.
  8. Updated rules for recording task activity. New rules have been added to the Enrolment Tasks Activity wizard and Occurrence Task Activity wizard to make recording of task activity more consistent:
    1. To record any task activity, the task status, date of status change and start date must be entered. Note that these fields are not required if you are only entering a due date, staff member or comments.
    2. Selecting an "in progress" or "cancelled" status will automatically fill out the date of status change, as well as the start date if the task didn't already have one.
    3. Selecting a "completed" status will automatically fill out the date of status change, as well as the start and completion dates if the task didn't already have them.
    4. Completion date must be, and can only be, entered if the task has a "completed" status.
  9. Task cross-tab report. You can now right-click the Tasks node in an occurrence and "Show task cross-tab report", to show a report with a grid of tasks for each client in the occurrence.
  10. Tasks for non-occurrence enrolments. You can now set up tasks, and mappings to units, in individual non-occurrence enrolments in the Client Manager.
  11. Link tasks to classes. In an occurrence in the Programme Manager, you can now link tasks to classes, in the same way you can for units, by right-clicking the class and selecting "Add tasks to class" or by dragging-and-dropping a task onto a class.
  12. Task configuration. The Task Configuration wizard has been moved from the Utility menu to a new Task Preferences page in Global Preferences.
  13. Automatic unit starting in WA. If Task Preferences is configured to auto-start units when task activity is recorded, this will now correctly start units that have a "Not started" result in WA.

VIC changes

  1. VIC payment history import invoice number. Due to a change in the format of the VIC payment history file, the VIC Payment History Import wizard will now default the invoice number to that from column Y of the import file, instead of column X. In addition, the wizard will now ask you to load a data file before asking you to enter an invoice number, as loading the data file will default the invoice number.

NSW changes

  1. NSW Smart and Skilled reporting complete awards. If you tick "Complete" for a NSW Smart and Skilled commitment ID in the Enrolment wizard, any awards linked to any of the enrolments for that commitment ID will no longer be reported in the NAT130 file in a Smart and Skilled AVETMISS generation.
  2. NSW provider calculator export. The NSW Provider Calculator Export wizard will now export numeric fields as numbers instead of text.
  3. NSW provider calculator import. The NSW Provider Calculator Import wizard has been updated to work with the changes made to the NSW provider calculator spreadsheet format.

Occurrence/enrolment changes

  1. Custom fields for client enrolments. In the Configuration Manager, you can now apply custom fields to client enrolments. The custom fields you configure for client enrolments will be available for normal enrolments, client occurrence enrolments, employee enrolments, and enrolments in profiles.
  2. Employee enrolments in Programme Manager. Expanding an employee enrolment in the Programme Manager will now show the same set of nodes you get when expanding a client occurrence enrolment in the Programme Manager.
  3. Cancelling an occurrence with classes. If you change the status of an occurrence to cancelled, you can now tick the box to apply the status to all active enrolments in the occurrence. If you do this, the Occurrence wizard will now ask whether you wish to remove the clients (with the enrolments being cancelled) from future or all classes in the occurrence, similar to what happens when you cancel an individual occurrence enrolment.
  4. Unit and task selection when adding a class. When you are adding a single class to an occurrence, the Class wizard will now prompt you to select which units and tasks from the occurrence you'd like to associate with the class, if the occurrence has any units or tasks.
  5. Unit selection for awards. A new preference for "Only link completed units when creating awards" has been added to the Result Unit and Award Preferences page in Global Preferences. If this is ticked, when adding an award for an enrolment, the unit selection page will only tick units that have a successfully completed result in the enrolment by default. To avoid confusion, the unit selection page has been removed when creating awards for an occurrence, but if the preference is on, only units completed in each enrolment will be linked to the corresponding award.
  6. Fee exemption in invoice item merge templates. A new merge field for the fee exemption name has been added to the invoice item enrolment, client occurrence enrolment and enrolled unit pricing merge contexts.
  7. Changing Organisation without AVETMISS Values access. If a user does not have Edit access to AVETMISS Values in their Security role, and you have Multi-RTO, the Organisation field is no longer editable in the Enrolment wizard.
  8. Inactive staff members in training plan. If you have assigned a staff member in the Training Plan wizard or Enrolment Results wizard and later make that staff member inactive, an issue causing the inactive staff member to not appear in those wizards has been fixed.
  9. Occurrence result dates. The Occurrence Results wizard will now give an error in the grid if you untick "Start date" and attempt to record unit results where the existing start date on the unit is after the new "Finish date" entered.

Email changes

  1. Email award. A new Award email merge context has been added. This merge context is used when sending email for an award, and allows you to set up email templates that include fields from the award such as parchment number, qualification and expiry date.
  2. Attach multiple files. When clicking the Add button in the Attachments list in the Email wizard, you can now select multiple files to attach to the email.
  3. Out of memory error. Fixed a memory leak when sending emails that could cause an "Out of memory" error after a large number of emails had been sent.

USI changes

  1. Un-verifying USI. The Client wizard will now show a message when the client has a verified USI, and you change the client's name or date of birth which causes the USI to be set back to unverified.
  2. USI country of residence for international addresses. When creating a USI for a client with an international address, VETtrak will now require that the client has a postal residential country entered, as per USI rules.

Quality Assurance and Trainer Portal changes

  1. Event types available in Trainer Portal. A new tickbox for "Available in Trainer Portal" has been added to the Event wizard, allowing you to control which event types are available to be created in the Trainer Portal.
  2. Link events to enrolments. The Trainer Portal now allows client events to be linked to an enrolment. The QA Manager now shows what enrolment a client event is linked to and allows you to change it.
  3. Event signatures. The Trainer Portal now allows a signature to be submitted with client or employer events. The QA Manager now shows the signature.
  4. Task due date. You can now record due dates for tasks in the Trainer Portal. Task due dates are now shown in the QA Manager and can be changed.
  5. Item documents for unit results. The Item Documents tab will now correctly show any FileTrak documents that are against a selected unit result update QA item.

Standard report name changes

A number of standard reports in VETtrak have been renamed or moved to different report categories. Here are the list of changes.

Old Report CategoryOld Report NameNew Report CategoryNew Report Name
Enrolment Numbers Reports Enrolment Numbers by Employer Report Enrolment Reports No Change
Enrolment Numbers Reports Enrolment Numbers by Occurrence Report Enrolment Reports No Change
Enrolment Numbers Reports Enrolment Numbers by Programme Report Enrolment Reports No Change
Enrolment Numbers Reports Enrolment Numbers by Qualification Report Enrolment Reports No Change
Enrolment Numbers Reports Enrolment Numbers by Trainer Report Enrolment Reports No Change
Export Reports All Enrolment Data Dump Report No Change Enrolment Unit Data Dump Report
Export Reports All Enrolments Export Report Enrolment Reports Enrolment Export Report
Export Reports Contact Report Enrolment Reports Enrolment Contact Export Report
Export Reports Invoice Item Export Report Invoice Reports No Change
Export Reports Payment Breakdown Export Report Payment Reports No Change
Export Reports Unit Result Export Report Unit Reports No Change
Export Reports Data Extract Report No Change ASQA/VRQA Student Records Report
Financial Reports Aged Receivables Report as at date No Change Aged Receivables Report
Financial Reports Pricing Item Report Enrolment Reports Enrolment Pricing Item Report
Payment Reports Holding History Report by Date Range No Change Holding History Report
Payment Reports Receipt List Report by date range No Change Payment Information Report
Profit and Loss Reports Profit and Loss Report by Programme Financial Reports No Change
Unit Cross-Tab Reports Unit Cross-Tab Report by Employer Unit Reports No Change
Unit Cross-Tab Reports Unit Cross-Tab Report by Programme Unit Reports No Change
Unit Cross-Tab Reports Unit Cross-Tab Report by Qualification Unit Reports No Change
Unit Cross-Tab Reports Unit Cross-Tab Report by Trainer Unit Reports No Change
Victorian Reports SCH Report (Detail) by Date Range No Change Student Contact Hours Report
Victorian Reports SCH Report by Date Range No Change Student Contact Hours Report
Victorian Reports SCH Report by Year No Change Student Contact Hours Report
Victorian Reports SCH Report by Year (Detail) No Change Student Contact Hours Report
Victorian Reports SCH Report by Year with Location No Change Student Contact Hours Report
Victorian Reports SCH Report by Year and Ledger No Change Student Contact Hours Report
Victorian Reports SCH Report by Year with Funding No Change Student Contact Hours Report

Other changes

  1. Importing notes in Client Importer. The Settings page in the Client Importer has a new option to "Append notes to existing notes", on by default. If this is on, when importing the notes field and updating a client that already exists, the Client Importer will append the imported notes to any existing notes for the client instead of overwriting them.
  2. Report PDF export security options. A new section has been added to Report Preferences in Global Preferences allowing you to set the default security options to be applied when exporting a report to PDF.
  3. Report export filenames. A fix has been made to the default filenames for exported reports, to always be the name of the report being exported. Also, exports generated for emailing will now always be saved in your temp folder to reduce the chance of inadvertently overwriting previously exported reports.
  4. Catapult LMS batches. An issue causing the same client name and unit name to be repeated for all records in a results download batch in the Transfer Results from Catapult LMS wizard has been fixed.
  5. Inactive Jobactive records. If you edit a Jobactive record that has been made inactive, and you change the employer, the Jobactive wizard will now automatically re-activate the Jobactive record.
  6. Invoice and Payment Exporters. Fixed an issue that caused the Invoice and Payment Exporter wizards to give a "List index out of bounds" error when no invoices or payments could be found for export. Also fixed an issue that prevented subsequent exports of reports to CSV.
  7. News feed. The news feed on the dashboard has been updated to show the blog entries on the new VETtrak website.
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