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South Australia: Payment History Import

The SA Payment History Import relies upon a file provided through VETA. The file format must match the 'VETA user guide: view claims and payments' Appendix 1 (last updated November 2015).

To download the required file, log in to VETA and perfom a Claims Search (normally by Claim ID), at the bottom of the search there is an 'Export' button, which will save the search results in an Excel format.

VETtrak will only use some of the columns from the file, as detailed below. The data for these columns must begin in Row 2 of the file (allowing for column headings in Row 1).



A Claim ID
B Claim Date
C Training Account ID
D Claim Line Item ID
F Trading Name
G Participant ID
H RTO Student ID
J Participant Surname
K Participant Student First Name
L Participant Other Name
M Date of Birth
N National Course Code
O Course Name
P Competency Code
Q Training Start Date
R Training End Date
S AVETMISS Result Code
T Field of Education
U Payment Type
V Transaction Type
W Claim Line Item Status
X Amount to Pay
Y Error Code
Z Error Description
AA Assessment Outcomes
AB Work Group
AC Concession
AD Training Subsidy
AE State Wide Provider Loading
AF Deliver Location Loading
AG Course Fee Exemption
AH Qualification Completion Payment
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