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Qld User Choice (PS) Payment History Import

The Qld Payment History Import relies upon a file provided from DETConnect. The format of this file can change, depending on the contract type (QS, PS or CSQ).

For PS contracts, (User Choice, Traineeships/Apprenticeships) the payment file will be emailed to you each month.

The file provided is a full year to date payment file, as such it is necessary to 'roll-back' the previous import in VETtrak, to ensure that payment records are not doubled up.

VETtrak will only use some of the columns from the file, as detailed below. The data for these columns must begin in Row 2 of the file (allowing for column headings in Row 1).

(Column) (Data) (VETtrak Column)
A rto_id  
B rto  
C contract_no Purchasing
D rfo  
E ts_number  
F training_catalog_item  
G course_training_package_code Qualification
H course_training_package_desc  
I lln  
J comp_point  
K course_training_package_count  
L ts_value  
M submission_no  
N submission_date  
O submission_time  
P f_year  
Q family_name Client
R first_name Client
S delta_number Delta
T client_identifier Client code
U student_count  
V competency_no Unit
W enrol_start_date  
X enrol_end_date  
Y delivery  
Z outcome  
AA postcode  
AB result_desc  
AC calculated_claim Amount
AD points  
AE incomplete_value  
AF payable_outcome  
AG counted_outcome  
AH vpc_comp  
AI student_pay  
AJ ts_pay  
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